Pixel Attributes

At times it may be convenient to annotate certain pixels with a property which they have in common (for example, if parts of an image belong to a certain object, you can flag these pixels by assigning the same pixel attribute to all pixels of the object). Pixel attributes can be assigned either by copying information from certain image analysis tools (e.g. cluster analysis, or PCA), or by using the Pixel Attribute Editor, or by using the ILabPascal script language (see below).

The pixel attributes can be seen as four layers of integer matrices matching the image matrix in size (SizeX by SizeY). Each cell of any pixel attribute layer corresponds to a pixel of the image. The values of the pixel attributes are restricted to the range 0 to 127. From a technical perspective the pixel attributes are mere integer numbers, however, you can define a name for each attribute.

Please note that the pixel attributes are time invariant (i.e. the pixel attribute matrix does not change with the time slot coordinate).

In order to access the pixel attributes programmatically, you should know that the pixel attributes are part of the meta information. Thus you can access the pixel attributes by using the following properties and methods of the class TMetaData:

Hint: Technically speaking the four attribute matrices are actually one integer matrix which contains the attributes in the four bytes each integer value consists of (the most significant bit of each byte is always zero).