ImageLab Scripts

Command: Tools > ImageLab Scripts > List of Scripts

ImageLab provides a scripting engine which enables the user to automatically perform many aspects of image processing. Many features of the graphical user interface can be executed by scripted commands as well. The ImageLab script language (ILabPascal) is basically a Pascal dialect, which has been augmented by many commands specifically tailored to image analysis. The script files must have the file extension '.iscr'.

Choosing "Tools > ImageLab Scripts > List of Scripts" displays a list of all available scripts:

A script can be executed by selecting it and clicking the Execute Script button. Double-clicking a particular script loads and opens it in the script editor window.

If you downloaded a script you can install the script by using the "install script" button. See the section "Installation of Scripts" for details.

Last Update: 2018-Sep-17