Installation of Scripts

Command: Tools > Epina ImageLab Scripts > Install

If you receive an Epina ImageLab script from external sources you can install it simply by copying the script and the corresponding button to the Epina ImageLab script directory. However, a much more convenient way to install a script is to use the command Tools > Epina ImageLab Scripts > Install.

After clicking this command you will be prompted to select the script to be installed. Epina ImageLab reads and checks the script and finally installs it. If the script has been assigned to a shortcut button the corresponding icon will be installed as well (see the section on Script Meta Tags for details).

Generally there are two formats of scripts available for installation: (1) the scripts (file extension .iscr) and their corresponing buttons and (2) the script packages (file extension .ispk) which can contain more than just the script. Script packages are always installed in dedicated subdirectories (of the Epina ImageLab script directory) and are the recommended way to install scripts.

Please note that the installation of a shortcut button will require restarting Epina ImageLab. In this case you will be prompted to restart after the installation.