Extracting Scripts from the Windows Clipboard

Command: Tools > Epina ImageLab Scripts > Extract from Clipboard

A quick way to load and execute a script from sources such as received mails or websites is to use the command Extract from Clipboard. This opens the script editor, creates a new empty script page and pastes the contents of the Windows clipboard into that page. The pasted text is automatically tested for validity by checking the correct order of the "program" and the "end." statement.

If these two statements cannot be found or are not in the correct order, Epina ImageLab issues a warning message. If the script is syntactically OK you can compile and execute the script by clicking the "Execute" button in the script editor.

How To: Please follow these steps to compile and execute a script published on a website:
  1. Select the entire script on the website and copy it to the Windows clipboard by pressing Ctrl-C.
  2. Click the command Tools > Epina ImageLab Scripts > Extract from Clipboard.
  3. In the script editor click the save button and store the script on the harddisk.
  4. Click "Execute Script" to compile and execute the script.