Arithmetic/Logic Operators

Operator Operation Input Types 1) Result Types 1)
+ addition integer, real integer, real
- subtraction integer, real integer, real
* multiplication integer, real integer, real
/ division integer, real real
= equal integer, real, boolean boolean
<> not equal integer, real, boolean boolean
< less than integer, real boolean
<= less equal integer, real boolean
> greater integer, real boolean
>= greater equal integer, real boolean
shl shift left of integer variables (= multiply by 2) integer integer
shr shift right of integer variables (= divide by 2) integer integer
div integer division integer integer
mod remainder of an integer division integer integer
not negation boolean boolean
and logic AND boolean boolean
or logic OR boolean boolean
xor exclusive OR boolean boolean

Hint: The plus operator (+) has a second meaning for strings: it concatenates two strings to form a single one.


1) Please note that the data type "real" is a placeholder and means either "single", "double", or "extended" depending on the declaration of the involved variables.