ILabPascal - Language Structure

In general an ILabPascal script has the following structure: the first statement is the program statement followed by the name of the program (this statement is optional but it is recommended to use it, because Epina ImageLab browses for the program statement to extract program names). The program heading can also contain several additional special statements which define a few meta information items concerning the program. This meta information is used by Epina ImageLab to compile and display an overview of all available scripts.

Subsequently constants, type declarations and variables are defined which should be accessible troughout the entire script. After that any required subroutines have to be defined, and finally the main program is specified. The main program has to be the very last part of a script and has to end with the statement end. (mind the dot!). Any code or text after the final end. is ignored by the compiler. Subroutines (procedures and functions) are structured in the same way except for the program statement (which is replaced by the function or procedure declaration). Subroutines must be declared before the main program and must not declar constants (all constants are global in ILabPascal).

Please note that the scripting engine is available only with the Epina ImageLab Extended Version or the Enterprise Edition (see the feature comparison for details).

Hint: A basic introduction to the structure of ILabPascal and first steps into programming can be found in this video tutorial.