Property Editor of Spectral Collections

Command: Tools > Spectral Collection ..... Spectra > Edit Selected Spectra

Each entry of the spectral collection is described by several meta information tags which can be edited by the user:

Caption. The caption is what it stands for. The first five characters of the caption will be displayed when activating the visibility of the spectral collection entries in the 2D Imager (button ).
Class Number. Each entry is assigned to a class. You can enter the class number either by entering the numeric value or by clicking the class color button. Please note that the class color is controlled by the global class colors definition.
State Flags. Each entry in the spectral collection can be marked by up to 16 user-defined status flags. See the section State Flags Definition for details how to setup the state flags.
Categories. Categories are similar to state flags but are not restricted to binary states. You can define any number of numeric, string or boolean categories. See the section Definition of Categories for details how to define categories.

The layout of the property editor will adjust itself to reflect the number and types of declared categories. Further, the order in which the categories are displayed can be controlled by rearranging their order in the category declaration.