ILabPascal - Reserved Words

ILabPascal uses approx. 60 keywords which are part of the language definition. These keywords cannot be redefined or used as identifiers:

    and                 array               as                  begin
    byte                case                char                const
    div                 do                  double              downto
    else                end                 except              finally
    for                 function            goto                if
    in                  integer             is                  label
    mod                 nil                 not                 of
    or                  out                 procedure           program
    record              repeat              set                 shl
    shr                 string              then                to
    try                 type                until               var
    while               with                xor

Further there are several identifiers which are currently not part of the language but which may become part of it in future versions. Thus we strongly discourage any usage of the following keywords (they will be highlighted in the editor in order to warn you):

    absolute            abstract            assembler           asm
    automated           cdecl               class               constructor
    contains            default             deprecated          destructor
    dispid              dispinterface       dynamic             export
    external            far                 file                final
    finalization        forward             helper              implementation
    initialization      inherited           inline              interface
    library             message             near                object
    on                  operator            overload            override
    private             package             packed              pascal
    platform            pointer             property            protected
    published           public              raise               register
    reintroduce         requires            resourcestring      safecall
    sealed              stdcall             threadvar           unit
    uses                virtual