Exporting Spectral Descriptors

Command: File > Export Data > Spectral Descriptors...

This command lets you export selected spectral descriptors of a selected data range to a text file. After choosing File > Export Data > Spectral Descriptors..., Epina ImageLab allows the user to select the range of pixels and the kind of spectral descriptors to be exported.

How To: Please follow these steps to export spectral descriptors:
  1. Select the list of descriptors to be exported (button ).
  2. Select all descriptors which are to be exported (by default, all descriptors will be exported).
  3. Specify the range of the image which is to be exported. The range boundaries are indexes into the data array (i.e. pixel coordinates for x and y).
  4. Optionally you can select a mask of pixels which are not to be exported.
  5. Click the "Export" button and specify a file name for the exported data. The descriptor data will be stored as an ASC file.

Please note that the exported data format depends on the file type selected in the file save dialog. Currently the following formats are supported:

  • DataLab ASC format (*.ASC)
  • Comma separated file (*.CSV)
  • Raw Data Format (*.TXT)