Backup Utility

Command: File > Backup Data

Epina ImageLab features a simple backup utility which packs all associated files of selected image data into a ZIP archive. The backup archive not only can be used for backup purposes but also as a convenient means to pass on datasets to someone else.



When selecting an Epina ImageLab data file (*.ilab) for backup, the following associated files will be automatically included in the backup:
  • the metadata *.ilab
  • the binary spectral data *.cube
  • the spectral collection *.scll
  • the image mask file *.imsk
  • the annotations *.anno
  • the pixel attribute map *.pcmp
  • all associated photos

All other files must be selected explicitely. The files are packed into the ZIP archive including the path information.

How To: Please follow these steps to backup your data:
  1. Select the data files to be backed up. It is sufficient to select only the '.ilab' files, the associated data cube and any associated files (see above) will be included automatically. If you want to include spectral descriptors or test data sets you have to select them separately (don't forget to switch the data type in the selection dialog).
  2. If the default backup directory does not match your requirements select another directory.
  3. Specify the name of the backup archive.
  4. Click "Perform Backup"