Selection of Layers

The layers of the data hypercube form the basis of imaging in Epina ImageLab. They contain the spatial information for a particular property, wavelength, wave number, or mass. Layers can be selected either by using the layer selection element or by activating the layer selector. Further, in the 2D Imager a particular layer can also be selected by moving the layer cursor in the spectral window.

The layer selection element consists of two elements: the up/down buttons to switch to the next/previous layer, and the blue gauge at the bottom which can be used for a coarse selection.

Another, more elaborate option to select a layer is the layer selection dialog, which displays both the layers and their basic data in form of a list and the corresponding wavelength/wave number/mass for spectral layers. Layers may be selected either by double clicking the list of layers or the wavelength gauge at the appropriate position.

In some situations (depending on the capabilities of the tool you are currently using) the layer selector also allows to select any of the special images which have been added to the 2D Imager. For this purpose you have to click the "Select Special" button and select from the drop-down list which is displayed after clicking this button.

A third way to select a layer is to use the manual cursor adjustment by double-clicking the 2D Image. This opens the following dialog which can be used to enter the required layer numerically. This way of selecting a particular layer is most convenient if you have to display a particular layer together with the spectrum of a particular pixel.