Sample Datasets

Epina ImageLab is delivered together with several sample datasets, showing the versatility of the program.

Filename xy Resolution Spectral Type(s) Authors Description Reference
concrete.ilab 50 x50 Single Ion Mass Spectra, 8 masses A. Limbeck
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Mass spectra of concrete samples obtained by laser ablation ICP/MS. The scanned surface spans about 4 square centimters.Limbeck 2013
keplercard.ilab 48 x 48 THz FT and Time Domain Spectroscopy H. Pühringer
Recendt GmbH, Linz, Austria
THz imaging of a proximity card. Scanned region is about 1 cm2. Pühringer 2013
paeonia.ilab 120 x 120 Single Ion Mass Spectra, 4 masses M. Bonta
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Leaf of a paeonia plant which has been submerged in blue ink. You can clearly see the veins of the leaf filled by the copper-containing ink. Bonta 2014b
dust.ilab 101 x 101 Energy Dispersive x-Ray Spectroscopy +
Raman Spectroscopy
J. Ofner
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
A multisensor dataset containing both EDX and Raman spectra. The data show particulate matter sampled in western Australia. Lohninger 2014