Declaration: ShowStatus(s: string; v: double);
Displays the string s as a status message in the status bar of Epina ImageLab. The value v controls the length of the main progress bar of Epina ImageLab as well as its numeric value in percent (left to the status text). The value v can assume values between 0 and 100, values outside this range are automatically set to the closest limit.

Example: ShowStatus(IntToStr(pct)+'running script 1', 56); displays '56.00 % done' and 'running script 1' in the text panels, and shows the progress bar with 56 percent full scale. Please note that the script progress bar (at the right) is not changed by ShowStatus (use ScriptBar for this purpose).

Hint: Please note that the script progress bar is only visible if an ILabPascal script is running. Normally, only the main progress bar is shown.