Declaration: ShowParticleEditor (Size: integer; Relevance, Similarity: double; BaselineCorr: boolean; ClassesToDisplay: TIntArray): integer;
Displays the particle editor. The parameters Size, Relevance and Similarity control the minimum required values of a particle to be displayed in the particle list. If these parameters are set to values outside their valid ranges they are automatically adjusted to the lowest or highest allowed limit.

The parameter BaselineCorr determines whether the baseline correction for comparing particle spectra to reference spectra should be on (TRUE) or off (FALSE). The dynamic array ClassesToDisplay contains the particle class indices to be displayed. Invalid class indices are ignored. In order to show all classes you can set ClassesToDisplay to [0].

The function always returns a zero value.

Hint: Please note that the particles should already be loaded (using PEData.Load) when the function ShowParticleEditor is called. Otherwise some or all classed will be invisible (depending on the previous state of the particle editor).

Example: The following image shows the particle editor after activating it using the following statement: ShowParticleEditor (5, 0, 0, TRUE, [13,16]);
The size filter is set to 5, the relevance and similarity filters are set to 0.0. The baseline correction is turned on and the classes to be shown are 13 and 16: