Declaration: ChartBook.Configure (Idx: integer; CVis, TVis, MVis: boolean; TabMemWidth, TableHeight: integer): integer;
Configures the layout of a specific tab of the Chartbook. Each tab of the Chartbook contains a diagram component, a table component and a memo component. The diagram component can be used to display all kinds of x-y-plots, the table component can be utilized for tabular alphanumerical data and the memo component can be used to display text.

The tab to be configured is passed in the parameter Idx (valid range 1 to 8). The flags CVis, TVis and MVis control the visibility of the chart, the table and the memo field, respectively.

The parameters TabMemWidth determines the width of the table/memo part, the parameter TableHeight the height of the table (in pixels). Setting TabMemWidth to a zero value resizes the width of the table and memo component to cover half of the Chartbook window. Setting the TableHeight parameter to zero adjusts the height of both the table and the memo to equal values (thus showing them with equal sizes). Depending on the visibility of the individual components these two parameters may be ignored.