Color Palette Editor

Command: Setup > Color Palette Editor

The color palette editor can be used to create user-defined color palettes for displaying images. A user-defined color palette consists of an array of 500 colors which can be edited individually either by entering the hexadecimal color values (RGB with red as the least significant byte and blue as the most significant byte) or by double clicking the hex code and selecting the desired color from a color dialog.

Each color in the array can be used as a pivot element for the interpolation of the remaining colors. Pivot colors can be set either by clicking the color index in the color array table, or by right clicking the visible color array and selecting the command "Set Pivot Color".

After all pivots have been defined click the Interpolate Colors button to create the color palette. Saving the new color palette will store it for future work.

How To: Please follow these steps to define a new color palette:
  1. Start the color palette editor.
  2. Define the color pivots by double-clicking the visible color array at the intended positions of the pivots. Select the appropriate color. Alternatively you can edit the corresponding color code in the array table and set it as a pivot element by clicking the index number (a "1" value indicates that the color use used as a pivot).
  3. After all pivots have been defined click "Interpolate Colors". This will generate the color array with interpolated colors between the pivot elements.
  4. Store the new color palette by clicking the save button .

Hint: A simple example how to setup colors using the color palette editor can be found as part of the following video (jump to 03:15).